Sanal Ofis Online is one of the leading virtual office providers in Turkey with its paid-in capital of 2,000,000 TL and real estate acquired in its own equity, established in 2014 within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code.

SanalOfisOnline with its solution partners in Europe and America, it provides services to 100s of companies by signing many innovations in the sector and as one of the pioneers of the sector. In the developing world, the borders of states have disappeared with technology, you can establish a company in America, trade in China, live in Switzerland and invest in Turkey. SanalOfisOnline will continue to guide and partner with you with its vast work experience and experienced team, and an office will provide you with a vision rather than a desk.

Assistance, secretarial services, IP phone support, virtual and real office support, meeting rooms, hot-cold refreshments as well as corporate or commercial website services of our customers, e-commerce consultancy, company information at Kadıköy, Bakirköy-Ataköy and Şişli-Bomonti locations. , document and cargo management, CRM Support, Google ADS support, social media consultancy, advertising solutions and virtual office support privileges with our solution partners and many new generation office systems as well as company establishments in Europe and America, especially Amazon We offer services in many areas such as all market place integrations. You can own a worldwide company with SanalOfisOnline.

We continue to serve you in Turkey and in the world with our new generation office and consultancy services.



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